Arch Origin

Long-time friend and collaborator Daniel van Mourik, better known as Arch Origin, has slowly but surely defined himself as a truly up and coming producer within the scene. With both his production and DJ-ing constantly evolving, his recent releases on the likes Hospital and Liquid Tones are evidence of this – albeit to the detriment of his University work sometimes!

At the age of 12 he started experimenting with sequencers and drum machines. A while after starting out making hardcore techno, he discovered the well-known live-D&B powerhouse Pendulum, which inspired him to delve into the sounds of dnb. He started learning production in 2010 and released his first track two years later, but his meticulousness resulted in few releases over the next few years.

In 2015 he made his debut on Soulvent with ‘Mesmerize/City By Night’ (SV010) which was well received by artists like London Elektricity, Fred V & Grafix, and other tastemakers within the genre. His vibrant and diverse style ranges from energetic syncopated beats to minimalistic glitchy grooves, all stemming from a love for everything 170+bpm.

2017 saw the release of his 6-track EP entitled ‘Value Shift’ (SV027), which had subtle socio-political tones, as well as undeniably strong composition, receiving high acclaim from peers & producers, as well as a special place in our heart as a label.

Live meanwhile, you can expect a plethora of D+B within his DJ sets, where he brings to the table all sorts of music that has inspired his production. Becoming now a firm feature at events like Spektrum & Liquicity, to even a playing set at our Soul Van stage at the inaugural Hospitality In The Park Festival last year, this young Dutchman is certainly one to pay attention to, be it in your headphones or on the decks!

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