Artist Intro – Changing Faces

Having just released her debut single on Soulvent, we had a virtual-sit down with Ema Vaskova, or Changing Faces to you – to see how she got into the world bass & breaks! And while you’re reading you can listen along to her 30-min Liquid Based Mix HERE!

Hi Ema! Tell us a little about yourself…

Ema: My name is Ema, I am 20 years old and in a quaint little city called Piestany in Slovakia. I spend nearly all of my time making music and hanging out with my doge! 😀

How did you get into Drum & Bass?
E: Initially I wasn’t really interested in electronic music, but a friend was listening to some kind of electro house which intrigued me. Then later on when I was browsing through YouTube, related videos led me to High Contrast and Pendulum. I found a video of High Contrast DJing at one of the biggest festivals in Slovakia. Once I heard his remix of Ready For The Weekend by Calvin Harris, that was the moment I fell in love with DnB!

When did you start producing?

E: I’ve been producing since 2012 I guess (approx). I remember that when I first opened FL Studio I closed it because it was quite intimidating! Eventually I came back to it though.

Do you find people treat you differently being a woman in the scene?
E: No, I think people treat me like everyone else.

What software do you use?
E: I use FL studio. I have been looking into different DAWs, but I still come back to FL studio. I do have Ableton on my computer though, and would love to use it too because it has a lot of cool functions.
Shout outs to Josh from In:Most for showing me the basics!

Are there any females in the scene who inspire you?
E: To be honest I don’t know that many females in DnB scene, but definitely big love to Kyrist, and my dear friend Charli Brix – she is an amazing vocalist! I’m also a big fan of Riya.

When did you get your first big break?

E: It was definitely last year at the Beats Evolution Conference, the first Drum & Bass conference of it’s kind in Prague. I played at the afterparty, just before DJ Marky and everyone from the conference was there, including a bunch label heads & the UKF crew. They all saw my set and because of that I gained a lot of contacts and got in touch with some amazing people. So big ups to the Let It Roll crew for making it all happen!

What is your proudest achievement to date?
E: Hard to choose only one but I think it’s my track ‘In The Woods’. It’s a meaningful me and it was also my first feature on UKF channel, which is amazing because I never thought I’d get an upload on their channel!

Okay, here’s the quick-fire round!

Jump Up or Neurofunk?
E: Neurofunk, as my close mates The Prophecy are Neurofunk producers 🙂 (big stuff from them incoming!)

Earl Grey or Green Tea?
E: Both!

Donald Trump or Theresa May?
E: None, I’d rather stay out of political discussion 😀

Ketchup or Mayonaise?
E: M A Y O !

And finally…. What have you got lined up next? Releases/gigs/world domination…
E: Got this release with you guys which I’m really happy about, thanks for letting me be a part of your label! I’ve also got some collabs in the pipeline with the In:Most boys and few bigger producers, which I can’t announce just yet.
I’m waiting to hear back from a few labels about some solo material so fingers crossed! Otherwise I’m playing a lot of big summer festivals later this year which I’m excited for! You can check my dates over on my Facebook fan page.

Thanks for your time Eva!

Written & edited by Joe Goss.

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