Artist Intro – In:Most

With our releases slowly including more & more music from some rather unknown producers, here at Soulvent we’ve decided to start the Artist Intro series, to tell you a little bit more about the guys behind the music on our label.

For those of you wondering, In:Most are 2 young producers based on 2 different continents – Bailey Greer (Left, AUS) & Josh Croft (Right, UK). I personally find their situation a tad mind-blowing, coupled with the quality of their work, and the fact they’ve never actually met in person! Given their past few releases which are rightfully catching the scenes attention: including their track with Logistics ‘Sheung Wan’ on Hospital’s We Are 21 release, their Pictures In My Mind EP on Goldfat Records, and of course their Changes single (SV028) that came out on Soulvent in March – I had a virtual sit-down with the boys to shed a little more light on how they got together, and what they’re into!

How did you ‘meet’?
Bailey: We actually met over Soundcloud through a mutual appreciation of each others music. At the time we were both working on separate aliases but decided to write together, and it seemed to go well!

What software do you use?
Josh: Ableton Live 9 & Dropbox – without both of which, all this really wouldn’t be possible to do!

How do you produce when you’re on two sides of the globe?
Dropbox is our absolute saviour, it makes collaborating on music super easy and simple just having the project file up in the cloud, which we can then access separately.
Josh: Of course, the time zone differences have their own set of challenges – but due to my line of work as a waiter in the evenings, I’m pretty much totally nocturnal – which is ideal! Otherwise it’s just really easy to stay in touch over Facebook, and can Video Chat if we need to brainstorm ideas quickly.

Who’re your influences, in and out of drum & bass? 
Bailey: My Influences within D&B have to be Pendulum, Fred V & Grafix, Logistics and Blu Mar Ten. These producers always inspire me to improve my technicality as a producer and my overall song writing ability. Outside of D&B I listen to a bit of grime, alternative rock like The Cure and The Smiths and a bit of Parkway Drive. No particular patterns with my taste, I just like anything really!
Josh: Outside of Drum & Bass – varied, legends like Curtis Mayfield, Miles Davis to Dave Grohl or some Post Rock stuff like Circa Survive, SleepMakesWaves or ASIWYFA.. producers like Jon Hopkins or Tycho.. the list goes on! Within drum&bass though, we’ve both always been mutual fans of the guys at Hospital – Fred V & Grafix, Netsky’s earlier stuff, Logistics etc – but then guys like Dawn Wall, Pola & Bryson, Alix Perez – they’re all killing it!

What is the dnb scene like, in Cambridge & Brisbane respectively?
Josh: In Cambridge it’s actually not bad, of course this is where the Gresham brothers are from as well as Commix & Hugh Hardie, so it’s got a pretty good pedigree – and its really nice to feel a part of that. We’ve got regular events like Warning & Whitenoise at The Junction and Hospitality rolls by often enough.
Bailey: Absolutely Dead, it is so grim not being able to enjoy the music I love in my home town at all. With Brisbane being one of the only cities that misses out on Australia’s hospitality events it makes it very difficult to go out and immerse myself in the Dance scene here!

Right, here are some more quick-fire questions:

Bacon or sausage?
Both. Just have both together in a fat sandwich with a load of brown sauce. Sorted.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee, has to be good coffee though. Shit coffee is something thats gonna hold society back! Tea, granted is way easier to get right.
Bailey: Absolutely agree with Josh. I find tea is a lot safer to drink and it’ll always taste good as some coffee tastes like absolute garbage.

Favourite Soulvent release?
Got to be Pola & Bryson’s LP ‘This Time Last Year’.. absolute stunner of a record!
Bailey: The Value Shift EP by Arch Origin does it for me, absolute killer of a release. Man like Dan making waves!

Favourite series?
The Mighty Boosh, Archer, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones – cannot wait for that new series.
Bailey: Breaking Bad, Vikings, Top Boy and Full Metal Alchemist.

Favourite 3 drum and bass labels right now?
Tricky one… I’m loving what Shogun Audio are putting out right now, same as Med School and obviously, gonna have to shout out the boys at Silent Audio.

Xbox or PS?
I’m strictly PS4. Bailey would disagree. Another heated argument point, best avoided..!
Bailey: No comment just to play this one safe haha!

And finally…
What does the future hold for In:Most? 

Well we’ve got some very exciting things in the pipeline that I’m sure you’ll find out about sooner rather than later! We’ve been collaborating away with some pretty well known names, which is awesome – potentially looking for another couple of releases towards the end of the year.
We’ve also got some very special gigs in London as well as the rest of the UK lined up – some of which Bailey will be flying over for which is exciting! And off to Wales to headline an event at the end of March!

Thanks for your time boys, and keep up the good work!

Written & edited by Joe Goss.

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