SV034 – In:Most – Over The Shoulder EP



Released: 10/11/17

In this current age of digital music, the ‘bedroom producer’ is far from an unfamiliar term. Artists who wouldn’t have had a voice prior to the internet can now grace us with their music. Josh Croft & Bailey Greer – hailing from opposite sides of the globe – met for the first time face to face, minutes before for their set at Hospitality In The Park this year. However for the past two years the pair have been overcoming time zones, defeating Skype delay and melding their sounds to become one of the most exciting duos to grace the ever-growing D&B scene. Receiving strong response to their Changes single (SV028) earlier this year, we’ve brought the boys back for an EP which doesn’t disappoint!

The record begins with title track ’Yesterday’ building slowly into a breezy feel-good rhythm, complete with shimmering ascending synth clicks & plucks alongside a warm sub bass. Lyria’s vocals soar above the tracks simple yet effective composition. Next up is ‘Over The Shoulder’, which meanwhile showcases some darker tones, with an old school jungle break harking back to the early 90s sound of the scene – the song title in suit, suggesting that the duo are keen to stay in touch with the origins of the genre.

‘Her’ opens with soft, calming jazz melodies and a gorgeous guitar riff, later introducing an almost vocoder-like tone. This 6-string swing is effortlessly matched by a double bass pattern that smacks of older d&b – another homage to the good old days. And rounding off the EP, ‘Open Eye Storm’ kicks into a strong break-beat, cased in rumbly pulsating synths and horns. Soft, airy vocals intersperse the chords, with counter-point synths and pianos galore – culminating in a classic In:Most roller.

Now becoming a firm staple in our roster for 2017 and beyond, this English-Australian hybrid deliver a solid EP displaying their versatility as a duo. Don’t forget to grab a copy of Yesterday – dropping on the 10th of November.

A Word with GLXY

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Liquid powerhouse GLXY sprang onto our radar back in 2015 with their Trinity single, and since then they’ve certainly had a productive 2 years! Doing the rounds of respected record labels, they’ve released on MTA, Spearhead, Limitless, Pilot & of course our own Soulvent. To celebrate the release of their new stunning 4-track EP titled Butterfly Effect, I had a chat with the boys to get the low down on what they’ve been up to!

LADS! You’re back! Where’ve you been?!

JC: We’ve been about! Our gig calendar has picked up nicely since we’ve joined Bassic and obviously working on plenty of new tunes in between busy schedules.

Tom: Yeah we’ve been super busy recently! Dropped a couple of singles over the last 10 months or so, but feels good to work with Soulvent again and put out something more substantial.

You’ve carved out your own sound over the last two years, what’s your proudest release to date?

JC: Cheers, always good to hear! Tough one, loved Astoria on Limitless, the Pilot single we did was a lot of fun, and of course this EP now. Probably this EP of all those as it’s our most mature sounding and most well rounded.

In terms of solo GLXY productions, gotta echo Jon on that one and say Astoria is probably my favourite track to date, close second for me would probably be Bloo on the EP with you guys – real soulful and organic vibes on that one, a sound which we haven’t done for a while. Collaboration wise, releasing Keep On with Redeyes and Tyler Daley on Lenzman’s TNQ imprint was an amazing project to be involved in.

What’s been the highlight of your year so far?

JC: Playing room 1 at Fabric back in May was definitely special. Liquicity Festival was also an absolute vibe!

Tom: The weekend in July with the Spearhead Boat Party b2b Liquicity Festival for me. Sun was out, witnessed some ridiculous sets across the weekend and met loads of amazing people – doesn’t get much better!

How did it feel getting to remix Sub Motion Orchestra?

JC: Still one of the career highlights so far for me, and still one of the best tracks we’ve worked on for sure! Hopefully won’t be the last time we get to work with Ruby’s vocals.

Tom: Surreal! Those guys make amazing music and their sound also complements drum and bass really well. So, having the opportunity to work on this remix felt really natural, but it was also a major stepping stone for us so early in our careers.

Favourite label at the moment?

JC: OBVIOUSLY SOULVENT – but apart from that I really like what these new self start labels have been putting out: Lenz with TNQ, Alix with 1985, Spectrasoul with Ish Chat etc. To be fair, it was always gonna happen with those guys being as good as they are.

Tom: For me, it’s an independent label based down on Brighton called Tru Thoughts. It’s not a drum and bass label, but they constantly put out incredible music which has definitely acted as an inspiration to me over the recent months.

What’s your favourite Soulvent release of all time?

JC: Pola & Bryson – Bad Habit

Tom: Arch Origin – Mesmerize


Love Box or Field Day?
Field Day line up was better this year.
Tom: Field Day for me too.

House or Techno?
Tom: Gabba

Pola or Bryson?
Bryson all day every day
Tom: Brola

Ketchup or Mustard?
Is that even a question? Ketchup.
Tom: Ketchup er’day.

Tupac or Biggie?
Biggie hands down
Tom: To be honest never listened to either – not my thing.

And finally… What can we expect from you over the second half of the year?

JC: A few more exciting gigs coming up including Spearhead at Egg and Hospitality In The Park.
Tom: Yeah lots of shows from September onwards! Apart from that just gonna keep the tunes rolling hopefully!

Thanks for your time boys! Written and edited by Joe Goss.

Artist Picks – Monika

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After the release of his debut single on Soulvent at the end of last month, we asked Maxwell Sweeney AKA Monika to deliver us his Artist Picks playlist. Keeping it fresh, the man himself delivered us 25 tracks covering a whole host of his inspirations and influences. You can also find his new single in there, so take a listen HERE!

SV032 – GLXY – Butterfly Effect EP



Released: 11/08/17

They’re back! Liquid powerhouse GLXY aka Jonathan Campbell and Tom Alston, have been making some serious waves in the DnB scene since their debut release with us in 2015. With impressive work on labels like Spearhead & Limitless as well as having featured on Hospital’s We Are 21 compilation at the start of the year, the duo are returning to Soulvent as if they never left – if a little older and wiser. The Butterfly Effect EP is a classic offering from the pair, showcasing their languid style of production in 3 original tracks, one of which sees an overdue collaboration with Hospital’s own Hugh Hardie & veteran wordsmith Visionobi. Not to forget a remix of last year’s Lonely featuring Belle Humble completes the duo’s record.

Butterfly Effect features friends & contemporaries in the form of mic controller Visionobi and Bristolian golden-boy Hugh Hardie – hot off the release of his debut album. Opening with tenuous, shimmering tones and hypnotising lyrics, the drop culminates in the trademark GLXY sound.

Cylindrical meanwhile kicks off with unsettled jazz tones, and meltingly wistful vocals, a classic melancholy tune from the 2. Bloo opens with a jaunty piano line, soon flanked by ever-so detuned violins. A flourish of strings coupled with a yearning, spacious vocal lead in the drop; a true to form orchestrally-soft, subtle synth roller.

Last up; veteran FD breathes new life into Lonely with his trademark rolling sound. Heavy hitting drums & eery screeches set Belle’s longing tones over a gritty sub bass and rattling drum groove.

If their Exposed EP was anything to go by, or maybe you’re just a sucker for soul-drenched liquid d&b, then make sure to grab the Butterfly Effect EP dropping on the 11th of August.

Big Logo Snapback

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They’re here! We’ve done a small run of Soulvent Logo hats with our main logo embroidered onto a black Beechfield Signature adjustable snapback. So head on over to our Bandcamp site, or click HERE and to buy one now for just £20! Limited stock.