Ben Williams aka BMotion is a 23 year old producer from Pontypool, a small town in Wales. Having been introduced to music from an early age, Ben began his musical life playing drums. From here he was introduced to jazz via his pianist father, a and began playing various live shows in-and-around South Wales. At age 11, he also started took up guitar lessons, again studying soul, funk and anything else he could get his hands on.

Practically destined for production with his musical background, he was inevitably drawn in by the energy and playfulness of drum and bass. A few years were spent honing his skills and sounds, before his debut release with the Cybergenic single on Rush Records in 2013.

These first tracks brought Ben to our attention, and the first ever release on Soulvent was his Circles single (SV001), the first release on our young label. Immediately garnering support from UKF, Rinse FM and BBC 1Xtra alike, his fresh take on the genre enthused us. Shortly afterwards, 2nd single All My Love received a similarly warm reception from an impressive list of producers & DJs. From there, Ben went on to sign exclusively with Viper Recordings in 2014 to pursue a heavier sound, where he continues to push out his signature high-octane brand of dnb.


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