In:Most are an exciting pair of young producers based on two different sides of the globe. Josh Croft from Cambridge, and his Brisbane-based partner Bailey Greer have been causing a slow and steady storm in the DnB scene over the past 6 months, with some impressive collaborations & releases. After virtually meeting through SoundCloud, and both supporting & critiquing each other’s production, the pair decided to start their In:Most alias back in 2015.

Josh first discovered the world of drum & bass through Netsky’s ‘Secret Agent’ thanks to a friend. At the time, he predominantly listened to guitar-based music, but the fast paced, feel-good nature of the genre was utterly infectious and he quickly fell in love. Inspired by labels like Hospital Records, he took it upon himself to start dabbling in the production of his own tracks. Bailey meanwhile got his first taste of 170bpm in 2008 after hearing Pendulum’s ’Tarantula’ on a local radio station. It wasn’t until 2011 when he was drawn to the sounds of artists like Blu Mar Ten and Pendulum that he too decided to make his own music. First releasing on Soulvent back in October last year, the pair recently followed up their debut track I Can’t Do (SV025) with the gorgeous Changes single (SV028), receiving support from the likes of Technimatic, BCee & TC.

With their partnership barely a year and a half old, these two are an exciting prospect, with a unique style & sound to their aural offerings. Watch this space!

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