sv065lp: in:most – voyager (out 03/04)


SV065LP: In:Most – Voyager Release Date: 03/04/20

In the world of music, there are many important partnerships: light and dark, kick and snare, drums and bass. So in 2018 when Bailey Greer deemed it necessary to make the long overdue move from sunny Australia to murky England and team up with Josh Croft, all in the name of music, only positivity could occur. After a strong string of releases on labels like Silent Audio, Goldfat and collaborations with the likes of Logistics and Saikon on Hospital Records, the pair positioned themselves at the forefront of the ever emerging talent on Soulvent.

Taking up the mantle from Pola & Bryson as Soulvent’s premier production pair, we are immensely proud to announce the debut album from In:Most, Voyager. The 16-track odyssey features appearances from scene stalwarts like Carasel and Lucy Kitchen, while flying high the flag of the next generation with fellow rising names like Walk:r and Mistrust. Embracing the concept of the journey was truly important to the pair on this record, wanting to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and challenge the listener as much as their own perception of their sound.

While the heady dancefloor highs of tracks like ‘Stay’ or ‘Do You’ might be what you’d expect from the pair’s last two singles, blistering tracks like ‘Embers’ and ‘Fever Dreams’ both attest to the beauty of collaboration, as well as the growing maturity in the young duo’s output.

Meanwhile the smooth tones of Ukranian born Anastasia’s vocals grace the glittering foundations of ‘Home’ whilst Lucy Kitchen’s familiar and comforting voice on ‘Glimmer’ provide the stellar female-led element of the record. For that unmistakable In:Most liquid sound, look no further than the likes of ‘Silver Lining’ with Walk:r, it’s beautiful guitar and piano lines linking up effortlessly – or the warming wah-wah washes of ‘Notions’ against it’s twinkling arps and soft pads.

Both a fun and engaging change of pace, ‘Scuba’ ushers in some serious garage flavour, with a playful take on the genre with a boundless, bubbling bassline.

Could a debut album out of Cambridge be complete without featuring a member of Drum & Bass royalty like Hospital Records veteran, Logistics? ‘Fixated’ blends raspy percussion with swirling sub bass and uplifting top notes with a drifting, drawn out vocal sample that shows the boys really can run with the big dogs.

Coming back into port, with the peaceful outro that is ‘Harbour’, we are reminded once again that In:Most’s production capability is not contained by drum and bass or tempos above 170 and their journey to get to this point has been long, varied and truly unforgettable.

12 months in the making, and undeniably worth every second of the wait – we welcome you to grab a 1st class ticket, sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride. ‘Voyager’ is out in all good stores on the 3rd of April.

sv065s2: in:most – embers ft. walk:r & carasel (out 20/03)


SV065S2: In:Most – Embers ft. Walk:r & Carasel Release Date: 20/03/20

Hot off the heels of one big stepper, Do You, the Cambridge boys are back with the second single from their forthcoming debut album Voyager. This time showcasing their ability to collaborate with up-and-comers and old stagers alike.

Regular In:Most co-conspirator, Walk:r – fresh off his huge EP on Guidance – teams up with fellow Bristol resident MC Carasel to deliver a seriously heavy slice of bassy dancefloor business. Carasel has long been a mainstay of the scene both on the stage and in the studio, releasing on Hospital and Souped Up whilst hosting sets for the likes of  Sigma, TC, Benny Page, Fred V & Grafix and DC Breaks.

The haunting intro sees Carasel’s distinctive vocals flanked by an ominous barrage of hats reminiscent of crackling kindling, before the incendiary sub bass saws through the soundstage at the drop. This is yet another track from In:Most that truly portrays the broad spectrum of the genre they so effortlessly work across.

Available on the 20th March in all good stores and on all good streaming services, Embers is sure to burn down a dance near you.

sv065s1: in:most – do you (out now)


When In:Most started out, the delightful pairing of Australian-born Bailey Greer and Welshman Josh Croft, the young duo set to turn heads and catch ears with their forward thinking approach to drum & bass production. After drumming up the interests of labels such as Goldfat and Silent Audio – not to mention gaining the collaborative input of scene stalwarts like Logistics, it was simply a matter of time until they set their sights on the exciting prospect of a debut album. And so it is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the fruits of their labour are set to be released on Soulvent Records this April.

The first single off the record, Do You, is a duality of both soft and melodic tones, in the form of rising arpeggios and warming vocals – paired with a rumbling, swelling bassline that belies the rousing intro. Holding its own as a set opener as well as at home, this track gives you a taste of what is to come from this body of work.

Available on the 28th of February in all good stores and on all good streaming services, we recommend you do check out the first, satisfying glimpse into the aural journey of their debut album, Voyager.

sv064: terror – twilight ft. jakes (out now)


Following his Summer single Feels The Same last year, Tony “Terror” Friend returns to Soulvent with another offering that expertly shows his musical range while drawing from his aural heritage. This time Terror teams up with the Hench head honcho Jakes to deliver two contrasting numbers that will leave you in a realm of dreaminess.

Twilight opens with calming atmospherics before the familiar tones of Jakes’ unmistakable vocals help you get lost in the vibe. The uplifting synth notes build up to a very heavy drop that will take you by surprise. The synths punch through a hefty bassline that is forming to Terror’s familiar style.

Tiddler is a much more expansive sonic affair. The intro seems to build forever and before you know it, you are deep in the depths of the arpeggio. This B-side will have you drifting for miles. Light, intricate harmonics alongside detailed percussion provide the foundation for the dreamy soundscape on this one: out of body experiences are both to be expected and welcomed.

Available in all good stores and on all good streaming platforms on 14th February. This is not one to be missed.

sv063: temam – the sin (out now)


As we kickstart our 6th year of business, we welcome Parisian producer and all-round nice guy Maxime Temam to the roster, with his debut single titled The Sin. Having started out with self releases on his own Studio Drum & Bass imprint, the 23-year old has also previously released on Overview Music, Fragmented Recordings and Impact Music. We are proud to present his first Soulvent offering with two bass laden bangers to ring in 2020.

The Sin features swelling, twisted, gnarling bass textures, matched by big rides and open hats which dominate the well thought out percussion. You barely get a moment’s rest in this high energy tune that is sure to conjure up some sinister reactions in a dance near you.

Winded starts with a rather unsuspecting intro. A barrage of hats, flanked by eerie pads, could lull you into thinking Winded is a sultry liquid roller. However, the distant, almost snake charming sample on the drop makes way for another strong and progressive bassline.

Dropping on the 24th of January in all good sets, stores and streaming services. End your well behaved January with “The Sin”.

sv062: winter soul 2019 VA EP (out now)


With Winter looming large here in London, we aim to ease the coming cold, wet and unwelcome chill with the next instalment of our Season Soul compilation; back in full effect. We present to you 8 tracks, with some returning artists on the label like Monika, Conrad Subs and Luna, along with some fresh global talent to liven the pool.

New boy Noble’s opener, ‘Go’, is a think-break laden roller with bags of tropical percussion that will take you away from the dreary drudge of winter. The gritty sub bass ladened, ‘Cerebral Bore’, from Sao Paulo based producer Black Opps is low-down, deep & minimal.

Following on from his recent foray on Soulvent with his latest single, ‘Rocket Sprocket’, Monika gives us a sun-drenched, chord laden roller entitled ‘Freedom’, brimming with luscious pianos and big double bass plucks. Cologne-based producers Matt View, Marvel Cinema return to the label, teaming up with T:Base to deliver us a shimmering salvo, ‘Shining Sea’ and we also see the return of Conrad Subs, who recently featured on our 5 Years of Soulvent Records compilation album, with his heater of a track, aptly named ‘Bonfire’.

Long time fan, first time caller, Iklektix makes his Soulvent debut bringing through some additional soulful flavours with his track ‘So Real’ alongside Bert H and Elle Chante’s offering, ‘Flood Of Emotions’. To round things off, Luna returns to the Seasonal Soul series with his track ‘Bush Fire’, a nightmarish blend of distorted basslines and classic chopped breaks

Kick the cold into touch with our Winter Soul 2019 EP. Available to stream/download from 22nd November.

sv061: mountain – cold breath ep (out now)


With recent releases on High Tea Music and InfluenzaMedia, now returning to Soulvent with a formidable 4 track EP, we gladly welcome back one of our most exciting producers: Shigeta Kamiyama AKA Mountain. Fresh from collaborating with another of Japan’s hottest drum & bass exports Makoto on his new album Tomodachi Sessions, Mountain firmly reminds us why his production is so enjoyable with his new EP, entitled Cold Breath. The producer’s playful approach to the genre is fully explored throughout the project, and was certainly worth the wait!

The opening acoustic guitar intro of Stillness brings a cathartic energy, later accompanied by subtle percussion and atmospheric sounds. The result is a chunky cacophony of high quality drum sections, warm synths and thrumming sub bass. This feel-good number is certain to bring smiles and energy on the dancefloor with its flute-like melody drop rounding out the track perfectly.

Title track Cold Breath releases its way into a tasteful, moving chord progression, where jazz-tinged piano gives way to Mountain’s satisfying sliced vocal cuts. The huge lead synth is backed by a Rustie-esque mix of drums and arpeggiated awesomeness, resulting in a seriously satisfying halftime groove.

Roar has a serene and warming intro that belies what is to come. Plucking synths and measured, twanging strings bubble nicely. The drop brings the familiar deep bursts of synth that we have seen on previous Mountain releases and catchy, high-end top line that seems to reach for miles.

Lastly, Supernova bursts into life with punchy drums and a relaxed organ melody. The 32-bar breakdown before the first drop takes you on a journey, culminating in an expansive drop that is littered with drawn out progression. Filled with glistening melodies, contrasted with a solid syncopated bassline, this track is sure to bring the twinkle to any ravers eye.

Available in all good stores on the 18th of October, we recommend you sample the dizzying heights of this latest offering from Mountain.

sv060: monika – rocket sprocket (out now)


Maxwell ‘Monika’ Sweeney should certainly not be an uncommon name to fans of our output by now. After birthing our own Podcast last year in June, the man himself led the charge for a solid 12 months, with his format for the show seeing guests delve into their influences. There was no shortage of interesting choices and outcomes, much like the New Zealand resident’s production. While his last EP, Fortress, was an exploration into more down-tempo and ambient territory, Rocket Sprocket marks Max’s 5th release on Soulvent with a high octane return to the realms of drum & bass – and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

A-side Rocket Sprocket blasts off with a click heavy break, counting down to launch sequence start. Bubbling pads make room for tasty crunches of low-end, with techy synth stabs and distant chimes providing progression over the top of a high energy, squelching sub bassline. This track is a notable shift from his normal aural output, but in no way is this a bad thing!

Wake Up on the flip starts with a rousing vocal sample and features Monika’s trademark percussion progression. No drowsy drums on show here! You are awoken from the peacefulness of the airy first breakdown with a no-nonsense, full-bodied bassline. As the vocal harmonies develop, we’re introduced to a murmuring top line arp in the run up to the second breakdown, that allows you to catch your breath before you’re dropped back into the depths of that expansive bassline.

Available in all good stores from the 20th of September, we implore you not to dawdle on this one Comrade. Wake up and smell the tunes!