SV024 – Pola & Bryson – This Time Last Year LP [OUT NOW!]



Release Date: 08/08/16
Cat No: SV024

Pola & Bryson – This Time Last Year LP

Soulvent Records proudly presents ‘This Time Last Year’, the debut album from one of the scenes most talked about acts; Pola & Bryson. The East London duo have been on top form this year, with releases on Soulvent, Spearhead, Liquicity & Hospital Records. After making it official in early 2015, these two have been non stop in the studio, intuitively paving the way for their first LP, whilst setting a stellar example of how to do it your own way, and do it well.

The album sees the lads link up with some of the finest producers and vocalists in the UK and beyond, including: New Zealand singer Blake, Forest Gate faithful Sammie Bella, North London based singer songwriter Tayah Ettienne, Bristol big cheese Siege MC, popular Dutch born singer MVE, and Leeds artist Loz Contreras. The first single from the project even boasts remixes from Mitekiss, and most notably Bcee & Villems’ new venture ‘The Vanguard Project’.

As the title track portrays, ‘This Time Last Year’ takes listeners through their journey over the last 12 months, building a truly signature sound of drum and bass that entices the ears like no other. The intelligence in Pola & Bryson’s production shines through in tracks like ‘A Good Thing’ and ’Stuck In A Memory’, where they explore a more unconventional, almost futuristic side of the genre. Alongside those, a host of vocal lead tracks on the LP like ‘Open My Eyes’, ‘Run From You’, ’Talk To Me’ and ‘Temporary Love’ make for a nostalgic, beautifully balanced debut work.

Already with support from several artists over at Hospital, Spearhead head honcho BCee, along with backing from Radio 1 regular Friction, this 15 track album will undeniably be on the lips and in the headphones of fans & industry moguls alike for a very long time.

SV023 – Rho – All Night [OUT NOW!]


Cat No: SV023

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The 23rd release on Soulvent comes from the rather unknown producer Prash Chouhan, otherwise known as Rho. After his first release on the imprint on the New Soul EP (SV021), he demonstrated his propensity for energy driven tracks, pulsing with rhythm and low end. Hailing from Watford, UK, now furthering his production at the University of Leicester, Rho represents a new chapter in young UK talent which we’re more than happy to support here at Soulvent.

‘All Night’ opens with ethereal sweeps, percussive pops and a true sense of unease, backed by a filtered drum break. Progressing into a dark roller full of momentum with a pulsing bass that drives the scarce vocal sample into an all out heavy hitter.

Flip-side ‘Players’ meanwhile opens with reverse pianos, twinkling chime like synths, and warm chords. Shifting, rumbling melodies simmer behind soulful male vocals and a warm gliding sub rides the clicky-drum track along smoothly.

With a firm grasp on the endless capabilities of a strong sub bass, and an intelligent approach to the melodic elements of liquid dnb, Rho proves one to watch for the next year or so, while fast proving place in the Soulvent camp.

SV022 – Pola & Bryson – Open My Eyes ft. MVE [OUT NOW!]



We’re pleased to announce SV022, ‘Open My Eyes ft. MVE’ – the first single from Pola & Bryson’s long-awaited debut album entitled ‘This Time Last Year’. Having dropped their stellar ‘The Music EP’ on Soulvent back in April 2015, the boys have rapidly received a tonne of support from some of the big players in the Drum & Bass scene. With releases forthcoming on Liquicity Records and Spearhead to name but a few, and ‘Bad Habit’ becoming a staple in many a DJs set over the year, it was clear that an album was the next logical step.

A true taste of the forthcoming album, Pola & Bryson showcase their ever-emerging production style in this first album cut. The track opens with airy, shimmering pads, backed by a smooth rimshot break, hinting at breathy vocals. Smooth chords lead us into a gorgeous summer roller, with Dutch talent, MVE’s soft vocal tones floating nicely above the composition.

The single features remixes from The Vanguard Project – the new alias and brain child of Spearhead’s BCee, and Villem, as well as MTA regular and London-based producer, Mitekiss.

Pulling no punches, The Vanguard Projects remix comes almost straight out of the gate into a fat drum lick driving you forwards into a surprisingly switch up and a ’gully’ bassline, expertly injecting the original with a heavy dose of old school style. Mitekiss takes the original on an even more chilled out journey. Stripping the original back to its simplest form with a sprinkling of light liquid style drums and warming sub bass.

Overall, this single sets the bar high for Pola & Brysons forthcoming album material and you can expect to hear more from them very soon. Open My Eyes should whet the whistle of any forward-thinking drum and bass fan, ensuring that ‘This Time Last Year’ will be one of the most memorable albums of 2016, as well as a huge milestone for Soulvent as an imprint.

SV021 – Champion – Stay Here [OUT NOW!]



Enter Dutch-born Oscar Oomens, AKA Champion. With previous releases on Viper, Audioporn and Liquicity, this 24-year-old producer has garnered support from the likes of Crissy Criss, Murdock, and Mistajam to name but a few. Now living in Germany, Champion strengthens Soulvents’ Dutch connections; his debut release comes in the form of 2 massive tracks: ‘Stay Here ft. Tayah Ettienne’ and ‘Holding On’.

‘Stay Here’ opens with effected sample chops and warm pads flourishing, giving way to Tayah’s smooth airy vocals. Both the lyrics and Tayah’s playful tone culminate in a summery drop: warm bass is backed by percussive counter-melodies. Overall, ’Stay Here’ is a smooth liquid roller set to take on this summer.

‘Holding On’ opens with dark rumbling synths and a tight percussive drum groove. A foreboding intro brings flute flourishes, with vocals from none other than the man himself – supported by plucky synths and a filtered piano bassline. Cultivating in an emotive rhythmic roller, atop which his own vocals sit perfectly, a breathy exercise proving that often producers these days can achieve much more of their original aim using their own vocal chords!

Champion’s debut release on Soulvent is out on the 9th of May, and is a solid introduction on the imprint.

SV020 – New Soul EP [OUT NOW!]



As we’ve reached our 20th release, we wanted to celebrate the milestone with some fresh new blood on the imprint. The New Soul EP features 4 exclusive cuts from 4 incredible producers, familiar and less so, from across the globe.

Robert Walker AKA Strife II, is a producer based in Birmingham, UK. This beautiful down-tempo soundscape opens with ringing pianos backed by soft pads. The filtered drums roll in with a glitchy pattern giving way to a rumbling low-end and frantic rhythmic percussion, topped with ethereal effected vocals. A haunting breakdown section finally gives way to a fast paced second drop, full of moody piano melodies and continued vocal chops. Robert’s first release with the label shows a measured and interesting approach to production and composition.

From roughly 5,200 miles away from the Solvent HQ are Blacklab, otherwise known as brothers Karim & Kashim Rodriguez. The Las Vegas, US based pair deliver a smooth and subtle roller in ‘Kinetic (Keep It Moving)’. A slow-paced intro makes use of soft pads, filtered percussion and rumbling sub partnered with jazz horns. The drop sees a beautiful blend of atmospheric swelling pads, melancholy horn blasts andy an energetic hang drum melody. After their release on Soul Sessions Vol. 1, the pair continue to prove their understanding of the more languid, liquid style of the genre, despite their neuro-funk beginnings.

Second new boy on the EP is Rho AKA, Prash Chouhan presenting ‘Gonna Be’. Originally hailing from Watford, and now at university in Leicester, Prash’s debut on Soulvent is worth the wait. The track opens with menacing pads and hints at the strong rhythmic elements at the heart of the songs direction. The build gives way to a blocky, firm double-bass groove – showing that production trends can be subtly adhered to across genre. Rho is definitely a name to look out for on Soulvent in the future.

Lastly, label favourites Jack ‘Pola’ Higgins and Harry Bryson return with their first original track on Soulvent since 2015’s Soul Sessions Vol. 1 album. Taking a break from working on their debut album, the pair step up with ‘Raid’. Proving their worth as label mainstays, this lush piece of music opens with soaring pianos, pads and strings backed by a solid rolling drum groove.

SV019 – Shiny Radio – Panda’s Anthem


Cat No: SV019
Release Date: 07/03/2016


Enter 27-year-old Ilya Solonikov, AKA, Shiny Radio. One of the founders of the Panda crew, Ilya has been producing for a few years. Having tried his hand at hip hop and downtempo music from the age of 21, he settled into the warm embrace of 170 bpm at around age 24. Since then, he has had releases on Celsius Recordings, Influenza Media, Silent Audio, Outertone and Soul Deep.

For those unaware, ‘Panda’ are a crew who’ve been present in the drum and bass community in Russia for the past 12 years – putting on parties and events in their hometown of Izhevsk. Over time these club nights have seen some esteemed guests such as Goldie, John B, Lenzman and Brookes Brothers to name but a few.

His debut release on Soulvent is out on the 7th March, comes in the form of ‘Panda’s Anthem’ and ‘Hug’. In these 2 tracks Ilya manages to showcase an element of liquid which the scene seems to have been somewhat missing for a while: a penchant for a fun and feel-good sound, free from the clique-driven movements of most niche dance genres. ‘Panda’s Anthem’ opens with a gritty drum break, and some interesting melodic samples. The build up sees the introduction of jazzy female vocals, while the drop seems to take us by surprise with thick sub basses intercut with counterpoint string melodies.

‘Hug’ meanwhile opens with a happy guitar lick, and atmospheric percussion opening out into a fanfare of trumpets backed by smooth piano chords. The drop however introduces a nice distorted squelch of bass to break up the happy-go-lucky vibe of the track.

Ultimately, Ilya’s debut release with the label delivers two solid tracks, and
strengthens our ever expanding roster of international artists.

SV018 – GLXY – Exposed EP


Cat No: SV018
Release Date: 08/02/2016

Jonathan Campbell and Tom Alston, aka GLXY, are back! Fresh from releasing on MTA Records the two return to Soulvent with a stunning 4 track EP. The London based team deliver a solid collection of rollers, giving a true insight into the slick and refined bass sound they’ve orchestrated in the short time they’ve been producing.

‘Introspective’ is an understated opener to the EP. A minimal, somewhat haunting start leads us into the spooky repetitive female vocal, almost robotic in tone, prior to a dose of a rib-rattling sub bass. Atmospheric swells and bass twangs keep us rolling along, while the boys’ less than safe bass work keeps our attention. The title track, ’Exposed’, kicks off with a minimal drum lick, opening out into a dark relief – a somewhat ravey pad, tinged with guttural low-pitched vocal chops and sub stabs. The drop sees a truly low-down roller come to life, minimal in its composition yet never boring. The second drop sees further bass exploration, with various rhythmic components keeping our attention.

‘Lonely’ features esteemed singer Belle Humble and opens with an enveloping sense of calm, as soothing vocals blend perfectly with reserved piano chords. The haunting rhythm and tone introduce restless counter melodies crescendoing to a raw, bass driven, chest-thumping drop. The pair effortlessly structure each interesting component part of the track, balancing hypnotic vocals against sprawling synths. Last track up ‘Marquis’ sees the London pair collaborate with Fokuz veteran, Malaky. The intro offers up a calmer side to this 4-track release, resulting in a solid drum groove, giving way to airy soft pads and a cutting synthetic vocal. The drop promises more trademark bass work, with solid synth and composition.

All in all, this stellar 4 track EP sees the duo return to Soulvent in true GLXY style.

SV017 – The Remix EP


Cat No: SV017
Release Date: 14/12/15

After 2 solo releases respectively on Soulvent last year, Jack ‘Pola’ Higgins and Harry Bryson decided to team up. Back in April the pair released their first EP as a duo, simply entitled ‘The Music’. This understated 4 track release has received an impressive response, with support from Rinse FM, Mistajam, Technimatic, London Elektricity, SPY, Etherwood, Fred V and Grafix… The list goes on. We therefore decided to let the rest of the Soulvent camp fight tooth and nail over the stems. The outcome results in remixes from Phaction, GLXY, Arch Origin and T & Sugah.

GLXY return to apply their trademark sound to ‘The Music’. Cleverly sampling portions of the original track, they totally re-imagine it’s liquid roller beginnings, turning it into a veritable bass playground.

Phaction meanwhile injects Bristolian flavour into ‘Stolen Glances’ ft. Sammi Bella with soft pads, a seriously jazzy piano lick and crisp drum pattern. Tipping it’s cap to the original, this softer remix shows Phaction’s composure as a producer and a welcome first foray on Soulvent.

Daniel Van Mourik AKA Arch Origin turns his hand to ‘Bad Habit’. With some ‘Take Me Away’-esque bassline work and tight drum grooves he turns up a win with this remix.

Finally T & Sugah round off the 4 track with their take on ‘Walk Away’. The intro sees rhythmic plucky synths building energy, making way for the pitched down original vocal & a massive dance floor filler of a drop!

The Remix EP proves to be as much of a package deal as Pola & Bryson’s original offering. Breathing new life into an already fresh release – All of us at Soulvent Records are proud to present The Remix EP.