SV016 – Retronics – This Will Come


Cat No: SV016
Release Date: 02/11/15

This super fresh release comes in the form of Retronics, the new alias of Hungarian-born Dan ‘Inward Phase’. ’This Will Come’ marks his first release under his new alias and with Soulvent.

‘This Will Come’ opens with an uplifting atmospheric intro and sombre vocals. The swelling bass indicates where you’re headed as a robotic catchy melody and large drum build drop into a huge bass driven roller.

‘Even If’ starts with a slow build, supported by a heavy bassline. Crisp drums kick in and lead you into a subtle pre-drop roll only to leave you struggling for breath as the tune drops with full force. Retronics approaches his production with a measured ear, cleverly blurring the lines between sub-genres and making this release a must have for any DJ, fan or Drum and Bass listener.

SV015 – Dualistic – Brave


Cat No: SV015
Release Date: 28/09/15

Andreas Ort, otherwise known as Dualistic, came to our attention through some solid uploads recently supported by Liquicity. Having fired over these two epic tracks a few a months ago, we had no choice but to share them with you!

Originally from Germany, Andreas is now based in the Netherlands and has knocked up two massive tunes; ‘Brave’ featuring Ayve and teamed up with Zazu for ‘Beauty’.

‘Brave’ kicks off with Andreas’ signature uplifting melodic textures and a glitchy build-up to give way to a deep rumbling bass and punchy drum lick. Ayve’s haunting emotive tones sit perfectly atop this summer roller. Working with Leiden-based neighbour Zazu for the A/B side, the pair deliver a solid minimal roller in Beauty. Opening with a reserved half-time intro, the track builds slowly into a cliff-hanging drop which doesn’t disappoint. A swelling bassline blends with a solid amen break, soaring pads dressing the high end and a spacey yet simple descending melody to top it all off.

SV014 – Various Artists – Soul Sessions Vol.1


Cat No: SV014
Release Date: 20/08/15

After launching in January 2014, we now step into unknown territory as we bring you our first official compilation release. Soul Sessions Vol. 1 is the coming together of artists all over the continent and beyond, to form a dynamic showcase of the music we’re all about at Soulvent Records.

All tracks are brand new, exclusive & essential. Label familiars include the likes of Belgian producer Diego Torres, East London lads Pola & Bryson, Manchester trio Data 3 and Birmingham based Glaive.

Soul Sessions Vol. 1 also see’s the debut for some of the most exciting new talents on the scene. Las Vegas based brothers Blacklab, London locals Digital Artifacts, and Elka – hailing from the Estonian capital of Talinn are all featured on the project.

After months of tireless planning in Pola’s Forest Gate bedroom, the album drops at the height of the summer and articulates perfectly both what the Soulvent sound has become, and what the future could hold for us!

SV013 – NCT – Scars


Cat No: SV013
Release Date: 05/07/2015

New music incoming. Summer wouldn’t be summer without an incredible anthem, which has been delivered by one of the hottest duo’s to come out of the Netherlands in recent years, NCT. Jeroen Nai Chung Tong & Alexander Witschge’s debut on Soulvent comes in the form of ‘Scars.

Bright stabs and mellow strings set the tone in the intro, building up to a climactic drop full of plucky synths, light snappy drums and an over-all ‘feel good’ vibe, the perfect accompaniment to any festival bound Drum & Bass fan.

The B-side see’s Alex and Jeroen join forces with their Belgian neighbour and Soulvent family member, Diego Torres for the breathtaking track, ‘No One Home’. This vocal lead track, with the added touch from Diego Torres’ signature swelling piano, brings together cinematic style strings and guitars into a beautiful drop with deep basslines and rolling drums. 

This perfect coming together of material and artists adds another instant classic to the Soulvent Records catalogue.

SV012 – GLXY – Small Talk


Cat No: SV012
Release Date: 31/05/15

Our 12th release since we launched in early 2014, this one is from the latest addition to our ever-expanding family – talented young duo Tom Alston & Jonathan Campbell, better known as GLXY.

The single opens with the epic A side ‘Small Talk’ – a soulful, liquid masterpiece, dabbling in the darker side of the genre. The intro brings luscious piano chords and a soothing vocal line, quickly followed by clean, cutting percussion to pre empt a deep & almost glitch inspired bassline on the drop. The B side ‘Trinity’ follows with similar vibes to the title track. With a choppy, melodious vocal sample & dark bass grooves, ‘Trinity’ touches on the rougher edges of the Soulvent sound.

The 2 tracks give a pretty clear idea of what these guys are about – a truly harmonious medium between light, fluffy liquid and dark, glitchy tech. GLXY are definitely ones to watch out for.

SV011 – Pola & Bryson – The Music EP


Cat No: SV011
Release Date: 19/04/15

As Spring started, label co-founder Pola & Hebden Bridge hailing Bryson – both staple artists on the label – linked up to bring you their stunning debut EP ‘The Music’.

The title track ‘The Music’ starts off the EP in true liquid fashion. With soothing piano riffs, bold oscillating basslines and a sample that sits beautifully on top, this track is the perfect beginning to a stellar showcase of the talent these two producers possess. Next up, it’s ‘Stolen Glances’. With a luscious vocal from Sammie Bella, this tune is chilled, gorgeously balanced and paints a picture of a beautiful summer’s night!

‘Bad Habit’ is the 3rd track of the EP, bringing an epic old school vibe with the vocal sample and hard hitting drop. Filled with big drums and gritty basslines, the dark is accompanied well with light, floaty melodies and intelligent transitions. They finish the EP with ’Walk away’. This track ends the record in style with its catchy vocals and uplifting, energetic vibes throughout.

A first from Pola & Bryson – what is fast becoming a must know name on the Liquid scene – This EP is a well balanced, truly sublime piece of music. A radiant, intelligently produced soundtrack to your summer.

SV010 – Arch Origin – Mesmerize


Cat No: SV010
Release Date: 22/03/15

After just over a year since we started Soulvent, we came to our tenth release; a fairly apt snapshot of the label’s emerging sound. ‘Mesmerize’ comes from the brilliantly talented Arch Origin. Silent Audio manager Daniel Van Mourik has a vibrant and diverse style ranging from dark heavy beats to minimalistic glitchy grooves.

Title track, ‘Mesmerize’ is a prime example of the producers ability to take soulful pads, and swelling atmospherics and bring them raining down into a dark, rolling drop with crunchy basses and snappy, energetic drums.

City By night switches up this release for the more relaxed listening experience, showcasing the eclectic sound of European Drum & Bass. Melodically pleasing synths and drum machine like percussion come together to form a beautifully soothing track that could also take many a dancefloor by storm.

Five months after first being played out by Hospital newcomer Krakota on the award winning Hospital Podcast, Arch Origins amazing rework of the 2014 track ‘Awake’ by Diego Torres finally see’s the light of day. The original was a favourite amongst many DJ’s amongst the liquid D&B scene, and this fantastic remix takes the energy levels up to eleven.

SV009 – Glaive – All Is Not Lost (ft. Kate McQuaide)


Cat No: SV009
Release Date: 15/02/15

At the turn of our one year anniversary; new blood was inevitable. Enter Staffordshire based producer Glaive – bringing his hard hitting, dancefloor approach to Drum & Bass.

‘All Is Not Lost’ is Glaive’s first release under the alias, and doesn’t disappoint. Gut busting bass and high energy vocals from Kate McQuaide set the tone from the off. The track has a measured interesting structure, suggesting more care than often considered in a debut. Glaive’s unique flavour is a welcome addition to the Soulvent catalogue.

Label frontrunners Pola & Bryson step up to deliver a classic liquid take on the original. A bubbling rhodes pad and soft percussive break lead us in. McQuaide’s vocals burst through with driving pads; rolling drums and solid warming baselines. Tech chops to the vocals and drums respectively make way for atmospheric pianos, pads and counter-melodies. This side of the release shows off the Duo’s ability to tackle a remix with true composure.