sv043 – imba – absolution (released 29th june)

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Following a busy 2017; featuring on the final Soul Sessions (Vol.3) and releasing on the likes of Influenza & Celsius recordings, Sam ‘Imba’ Hiscox is back at Soulvent with another solid two-track offering of liquid gold. The Bristolian has been steadily pioneering his own brand of notable rollers, fast becoming one of the staple aliases in the next generation of Liquid Drum and Bass producers.

Undone is full of spacey synths, twisted vocals and airy pads. Backed by a tight drum groove, the drop sees in a murky sub line flanked by revolving glitches of melody & sweeping dark reese basses.

On Absolution, Imba teams up with the Californian talents of Alexvnder – resulting in a sultry mix of styles. Wistful keys and thumping drums are the order of the day, alongside warming bass tones.

If you’re a fan of soulful rollers and surging baselines, look no further than this first-class feat dropping on the 29th of June.

pola & bryson and friends (saturday, july 7th 2018)

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Shogun Audio, Soulvent Records and Weird Science come together to present a night with revelatory D&B duo Pola & Bryson on Saturday 7th July, joined by a very special lineup of their closest peers within the scene.

Line Up:
Pola & Bryson (Extended 2hr set)
Whiney b2b ANILE
Data 3

Special Guest TBA

Hosted by
MC AD & Visionobi

Venue Address:
The Pickle Factory
13-14 The Oval
E2 9DU
Saturday 7th Jul 2018
22:00 – 05:00

Get tickets HERE!

sv042 – blacklab – human condition (released 1st june)

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The Las Vegas based brothers Blacklab return to Soulvent Records for their first outing since Soul Sessions Vol. 3, in the form of their debut single – Human Condition.

The title track opens with a warm, captivating tribal soundscape that builds imposing atmosphere and tension, before launching us into a long, boundless bassline hook – underlying their signature rolling drum beats. Soothing piano drifts on in a way that keeps us enlightened and upbeat throughout. You can almost hear the Nevada desert that inspires much of the Blacklab signature sound.

Passionfruit’s deep soulful bass and haunting female lead vocal bring back more of those tribal loops and pads, really showing us just why the US duo are so great at what they do.

If you’re keen on smooth, top-drawer liquid, then look no further than this soulful slice dropping on June 1st in all good stores.

SV041 – IN:Most – Thekla (Released 04/05/18)

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In:Most return to Soulvent with their most garish and gully helping to date! Since starting their journey together back in 2013, the duo have bridged the Brisbane-Cambridge gap and now reside firmly in the UK. Fresh from their latest work – featuring on the latest Logistics album ‘Hologram’ – the Cambridge duo offer up this 2 track smasher, another strong reminder of the young duo’s talent, and the bright future ahead of them. 

Thekla, nostalgically named after the famous floating club in Bristol’s Mud Docks, delivers in moody sub bass and menacing textures, a jungle inspired banger, perfect for those dark dance floors!

At Last is trademark In:Most: slow, soft atmospherics; full of measured, steady and longing vocals, and a weighty drum break to remind you – as if you needed reminding – what these two are all about.

Thekla will be available to buy and stream from the 4th of May in all good stores.

sticker sheet

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14 premium quality stickers on an a5 sheet for spreading that Soulvent vibe. Use them on anything and everything and show your support!

SV040 – Askel & Elere – Last Leaves (13/04/18)

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Young producers from Finland, Askel (Juho Kavasto) and Elere (Sainey Gibba) have absolutely smashed it out the park with their debut single. Having met only age 11, the two brought their musical creativity together and started producing on Fruity Loops in 2007: via their parents’ computers. From the small snowy town of Tampere, the pair of old friends deliver cleverly crafted liquid with a mastery akin to that of Med School legend Etherwood.

Last Leaves eases us in with warm, chiming bells and a general sense of calm. Plucks and pops of synth melt into ethereal vocals as growing percussion builds energy, into a cliff hanger drop that does anything but disappoint.

Polar Response, is a moody landscape of surging synths and suspense. The drop delivers their blend of progressive liquid and deep sub bass provides the foundation to a rolling melody, in a more drawn out fashion.

Hot off his debut EP, golden boy Monika delivers a new take on the title track with just a touch more oomph, demonstrating his clear knowledge and love of breaks. A track that’s as at home on dancefloors as it is in the headphones.

This budding young partnership drop their debut single on the 13th of April, and they assure us there is plenty more to come. We wait eagerly.


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Maxwell Sweeney and his aural output descended on the Soulvent camp like a cool, fresh breath of Kiwi air. The once-Londoner swapped out the Brexit-based concrete jungle (pun intended) for the slightly quieter sights and sounds of port-town Timaru; not to mention the company of his lovely girlfriend, back in 2015. Having made an impression on us with his first few demos early last year, and then dropping Crystal Clear on our final Soul Sessions compilation last December, he’s found a special place in our ever-growing, liquid loving heart. So it brings us great pleasure to bring you his most substantial release in some time, the 4-track To The Light EP.

Beatnik opens with uncertain tonality and texture. A patois-tinged vocal sample ushers in his trademark energy: surging bass synth and rattling percussion.

Double Down matches it’s title, hoping to capitalise on it’s predecessors momentum – jungle snares lead us into an arpeggio driven, hypnotic groove. But the only way is up, as the respective synth and drum parts descend into more erratic and interesting patterns throughout the track.

Title track To The Light is more of a slow burner. One half of rising duo Princess Slayer’s intricate lyrics couple millennial turmoil with Max’s structured ideas.

Ending on a curve ball, Trash Talk effortlessly displays the 27 year old’s intricate understanding and affinity with all the genres that blend to make d&b the melting pot it is. An effortless hip-hop break sinks into jazz horns, seemingly random synth blips, and pulsating chords and drums.

If forward thinking, intelligently crafted beats at (mostly) 174 bpm is your bag – look no further than the To The Light EP.


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Kamiyama Shigeta AKA Mountain hails from Osaka, Japan, and a year after sending in one of his demos to the Soulvent team his debut single ‘Overheat’ has landed on the label. It’d be easy to draw comparisons with Makoto, but Mountain’s unique spin on rambunctiously funky, bright-eyed Drum & Bass is very much of his own making. The recent ‘Funk Bomb’ was featured on Soul Sessions Vol. 3 and succeeded in turning some heads, so it seemed right that we get to know a bit more about the story behind the mysterious Mountain.

When and why did you originally start producing?

M: I started producing music 4 years ago when I was 20 years old. When I was 18, I was already by nature a student with a high level of music expertise. It was because of that that my teachers at that time all kept telling me that I should listen to various kinds of music. As a result, I ended up spending a lot of time listening to lots of different music styles in record shops. One day, I found Skrillex and Netsky, and thought “I want to make tracks like this!!”

Why do you enjoy making drum and bass?

M: Simple, I love Drum & Bass!! And because I enjoy the process of creating all those small complicated structures you find in drum and bass music

What’s the DnB scene like in Japan?

M: It’s very underground, and not as mainstream as the UK. But, there is an increase in Japanese DnB producers. So I’m looking forward to the future of the Japanese DnB scene 🙂

How has funk music influenced your productions? You can hear it in ‘Funk Bomb’ loads!

M: I’m a big fan of the vibe of funk music, so it’s a style I want to draw from when i make certain tracks. Last year when Netsky played in japan I felt as influenced [by that performance] as I am by funk today.

What other musical influences do you have?

M: Pops and 80’s music. Since I was a child, at home I always used to listen to the Beatles, Led zeppelin etc, and lots of other music from the 80’s. But when I was a student, and all the way through high school I pretty much only listened to metal.

Why do you think Soulvent is a good fit for your sound?

M: I don’t know… I was surprised that I got the chance to release! haha. But of course, I’ve loved Soulvent for a long time now, so I’m very happy that I can put something out with them!!

What was your highlight of 2017?

M: Releasing a track from Hospital and supporting Netsky on his Japan tour! At that time I only had one goal/ objective, to be able to release my album from hospital, and I was happy I could do that. With regards to Netsky, I was delighted to be able to appear [on stage] and [work] together with the person who had been responsible for sparking my own interest in drum and bass.

Do you have any personal idols in terms of music?

M: Yes, Fred V & Grafix. Between and within them there is perfection, from melodies to grooves, they have just about everything.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

M: Everything! And I want to play overseas, so I need to release lots of good tunes for that!

‘Overheat’ is available in all good stores now, click ‘buy’ below and check it out!

Written & edited by Ben Hunter.