Shiny Radio

In 2009, the Shiny Radio alias was founded by Ilya Shiny. His first album “Грациозно” (Gracefully) was recorded with influences from different performers such as Tricky, Gorillaz, Morcheeba, DJ Krush, Aim and Bonobo. Working with a noted focus on a combination of hip-hop, downtempo and trip-hop coupled with scratching. After 4 of these releases, he decided to switch up the project’s intended sound. In 2013, his ‘Feel The Fire’ EP was released by Dutch label Celsius Recordings. The release got wholly positive reviews and a good reception from both international and Russian listeners. The EP was recorded with the involvement of singer La Kos, who is now a constant participant of the project.

After joining forces, Shiny Radio & La Kos then went onto perform together, sharing line-ups the likes of Goldie, Brookes Brothers and Etherwood to name a few. In 2015 Ilya was invited to host his own show on the American online radio station Digitally Imported. After the warm reception of his show, ‘Shiny’s Good Scene’ dedicated to liquidfunk DnB, he was offered another show dedicated to showcasing the harder subgenres of the scene.

After releases on Silent Audio and Soul Deep Recordings, early 2016 saw Ilya’s first release on Soulvent with Pandas Anthem & Hug (SV019), but there are surely more to follow! We’re huge fans of Shiny’s feel-good style of production, bathed in nostalgia and good vibes and he makes a welcome addition to our ever growing roster of international artists!

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