svr podcast: 003 (hosted by monika – Summer Soul 2018 special)

Our good friend Maxwell ‘Monika’ Sweeney hosts the third episode of the Soulvent Records podcast, a monthly offering aiming to celebrate everything we love about our label, the drum & bass scene, and the wider world of music in general! This month’s show has 9 guest selectors, focusing on all the contributing artists to the Summer Soul 2018 EP, which was released Friday the 27th of July.

Each month, Monika will ask a guest to provide him with a selection of their favourite drum & bass tracks, alongside a small set of inspiring selections from outside of the genre. The aim of this is to show how far and wide drum & bass gathers it’s influences, and how versatile the genre can be. From hip hop to techno, trance to trap: dnb by it’s very nature stands as a perfect environment to channel anything and everything into the 170bpm dance floor culture. Let Soulvent be your guide into the far reaches of drum & bass.

1 – Imba & Alexander – Absolution. Soulvent Records (29th June 2018)
2 – (Reset Wrong) Black Barrel – Contact
3 – (Monika) Blu Mar Ten – Sweet Little Supernova
4 – (Mountain) Fred V & Grafix – Altitude (Feat Amy J Pryce)
5 – (Dilemma) Random Movement – Still Ain’t Changed
6 – (Strife II) Flite – Blue Spark VIP
7 – (Luna) Culture Shock – Machine
8 – (Primitive Instinct) Monty, Hyroglyfics, Benabu – The Glow
9 – (Dushi) Emperor – Half Makes A Whole

1 – (Monika) Weval – I Don’t Need It.
2 – (Primitive Instinct) Jevon Ives – I Don’t Know Why (feat. Astrid)
3 – (Mountain) Mr Big – Goin The Wind Blows
4 – (Dilemma) Tom Misch feat De La Soul – It Runs Through Me
5 – (Dushi) Kali Uchis – After The Storm feat Tyler the Creator & Bootsy Collins (Pete Rock Remix)
6 – (Strife II) Lukozade – Concorde
7 – (Reset Wrong) BLR – La Luna
8 – (Luna) The Jacksons – Lovely One

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