svr podcast: episode 10

Our good friend Maxwell ‘Monika’ Sweeney hosts the tenth episode of the Soulvent Records podcast, a monthly offering aiming to celebrate everything we love about our label, the drum & bass scene, and the wider world of music in general! This month’s guest is our favourite Slovakian, Changing Faces.

Each month, Monika will ask a guest to provide him with a selection of their favourite drum & bass tracks, alongside a small set of inspiring selections from outside of the genre. The aim of this is to show how far and wide drum & bass gathers it’s influences, and how versatile the genre can be. From hip hop to techno, trance to trap: dnb by it’s very nature stands as a perfect environment to channel anything and everything into the 170bpm dance floor culture. Let Soulvent be your guide into the far reaches of drum & bass.

In:Most feat Walk:r – Uh!
Soulvent March 2019

Whiney – Oxford Road (medSchool 2017. Talisman LP)
Whiney is one of my fav producers too. Love that he can make a liquid bliss like this but also dirty tunes. Love his tunes with Inja!

Changing Faces x In:most – Composure (ft. Dale May) (MedSchool Newblood 018)
Cheeky self promo but I love working on music with Inmost. This is one of my fav tunes and Dale has a wicked voice.

Mitekiss – Some People (shogun 2017. Some People EP)
Perfect for listening, this is the kind of liquid I like.

Dimension – Pull Me Under (ft. Raphaella) (MTA Recs 2015)
Dimension, the man in black. My absolute biggest inspiration and no.1 producer.
It was hard not to pick these 10 tunes only from him. I love all of his tunes!
Dancefloor vibes but dirty tunes from him, both are lit as hell.

Culture Shock – Bunker (RAM 2017)
Culture Shock is one of my top 5 DnB producers. This tune is an absolute banger on the dance floor,
works well with almost every tune. Im in love with that ‘’take it down to the bunker’’ sample.

Culture Shock – Have It All (ft. Raphaella) (RAM 2016)
Another one from CS, this is one of my fav dance floor tunes ever. Raphaella is my favourite vocalist as well.

Insideinfo x Hybrid Minds – Beneath (D&B Arena 2018)
Perfect combination of soul and hard sounds, both acts are brilliant producers. Need more of this! And that second drop….damn!!!

Netsky – Love Has Gone (Hospital 2012)
Classic old Netsky! One of my fav tunes from him.

Crissy Criss – Need You Now (War On Silence 2018)
Nice catchy tune, Im really curious how will his new album sound.

Seinabo Set – Pistols At Dawn (Culture Shock Remix) (2015)
Oops another CS tune, but imagine this one playing on a summer festival while the sun goes down.


SG Lewis – Hurting (ft. Aluna George) (2018)
Discovered him not that long ago, but the bassline in this track got me.
I follow him on Instagram and he posts up some stories from new unreleased songs
and Im really excited to hear them when they get a release! Love his stuff.

Flume – Never Be Like You (ft. Kai) (2016)
It’s hard to pick just one from Flume as he is one of my fav non-dab producers.
Love his style and sounds, I would love to see him live!

Modestep – Not IRL (Jan 2019 Monstert)
I remember Modestep since I was a teen and it’s good to see this new banger! Memories.

Nero – Two Minds (2015)
Nero is sick, the synthwave inspiration and lush vocal is amazing.
This is my fav tune from Nero. Love the Dimension flip on this too, works well in DnB.

Jauz & Ephwurd – Rock The Party (2015)
One of my fav genres is definitely bass house! Jauz is a boss.
I’d like to produce and play music like this too.

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