sv050 – 5 years of soulvent (released 8th feb)

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Milestone birthdays don’t come around very often and when they do, you need to celebrate. So we’re doing it the best way we know how; with our most ambitious VA project to date.
As our imprint reaches a half century of releases, we proudly present a 29 track compilation that includes fresh material from some exciting new names such as AC13, Walk:r, Echo B and Demigroove as well as some of our favourite back catalogue picks, reworked by the likes of label legends Pola & Bryson, BMotion and more. We’re also privileged to be releasing original music from other members of the Soulvent family in Data 3, Monika, Askel & Elere, Dilemma and In:Most – to name just a few.
This bumper compilation brings fresh twists on tracks you know and love, combined with strong offerings from artists new and old. We continue our commitment to showcasing the finest quality liquid tones from around the country and across the world.
Join us in celebrating our 5th Birthday by tucking into 2 and a half hours of delectable drum & bass – Soulvent style.

monika – fortress ep (released 30th november)

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Maxwell Sweeney has proved himself our understated golden boy this year, quietly carving out his niche for intelligently crafted drum &bass. The once Londoner now offers up a first for the Soulvent imprint, a foray into tempos outside 170, truly showcasing his understanding for all things electronic, he plates up a six-course array of aural appetisers (free from additives).

Fortress begins with the thought provoking atmospherics and tribal drums of the Prologue, culminating in uplifting synths and sweeping vocals that serve as a tantalising intro for the rest of this artistic EP.

The light drums and robotic synths of Airstrike open up into detailed layers of hypnotic percussion, coupled with a clever bassline.

Little World starts with a steady beat that lays the foundation for a distant and relaxed melody. The punctuated vocal sits atop a truly poignant musical journey that will bring you back for more.

The interlude Evelyn, is an aural comma, punctuating the EP with soft rain, thrumming synths and a melancholic love scene.

Moving effortlessly to perhaps the penultimate big finish; the garage influence of Eve and The Opal is undeniable. Relaxing chimes and building percussion gives us a deeper look into Max’s understanding of London’s quiet heartbeat.

Lastly, Epilogue rounds out the EP with expansive synth driven fun.

As the name suggests, this EP is strong enough to stand the test of time. Pause to open your mind and enjoy this monumental project, out on the 30th of November.

svr podcast episode: 007 (hosted by monika ft. lq)

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Our good friend Maxwell ‘Monika’ Sweeney hosts the seventh episode of the Soulvent Records podcast, a monthly offering aiming to celebrate everything we love about our label, the drum & bass scene, and the wider world of music in general! This month’s guest is the hotly tipped Bulgarian duo LQ.

Each month, Monika will ask a guest to provide him with a selection of their favourite drum & bass tracks, alongside a small set of inspiring selections from outside of the genre. The aim of this is to show how far and wide drum & bass gathers it’s influences, and how versatile the genre can be. From hip hop to techno, trance to trap: dnb by it’s very nature stands as a perfect environment to channel anything and everything into the 170bpm dance floor culture. Let Soulvent be your guide into the far reaches of drum & bass.

Pola & Bryson – Alkaline
Dawn Wall – Holding On
GLXY feat DRS – These Lights
LQ – Keep Hiding
LQ Get To Me
LQ – Back Home
LQ – Control
DJSS & High Roll – Time Capsule
Alibi feat. MC Fats T.R.A.C. – No Lights
Unglued feat Nelson Navarro – Deep Dark And Dirty

Jordon Rakei – Goodbye
Elliot Moss – Slip
Tom Misch & Poppy Ajudha – Disco Yes
The RH Factor – Juicy

lq – keep hiding (released 2nd november)

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LQ, better known as Boyan ‘Bruhu’ Savov and Boyan Angelov, are two up and coming producers from Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. Initially coming to our attention with their track Half Choir back on Soul Sessions Vol 3, the duo haven’t slowed down, netting a single on Program earlier this year. With a pair of sultry liquid rollers on the cards, we’re thrilled to have locked the boys in for their debut single – firmly keeping us in the EU as a label (Brexit or no Brexit!).

Keep Hiding opens with warm tones, and calming chimes – giving way to sun-soaked piano chords. The elusive vocals stay true to the title, leaving us begging for more pitch-shifted goodness. Tuned percussion counter-melodies backed by lush strings welcome in an enveloping pad for the second drop, keeping our attention firmly in the groove.

Control, on the the other hand, opens with a more serene melody. Understated drums and swirling pads let in a moodier, and surprisingly surging bassline. Wicked licks of percussion compliment delicate, underlying vocals and pulsing chords.

With plenty more music in the pipeline, these exciting producers are certainly ones to watch. Keep your eyes peeled for this stunning release dropping on the 2nd of November.

svr podcast episode: 006 (hosted by Monika)

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Our good friend Maxwell ‘Monika’ Sweeney hosts the sixth episode of the Soulvent Records podcast, a monthly offering aiming to celebrate everything we love about our label, the drum & bass scene, and the wider world of music in general!

Each month, Monika will ask a guest to provide him with a selection of their favourite drum & bass tracks, alongside a small set of inspiring selections from outside of the genre. The aim of this is to show how far and wide drum & bass gathers it’s influences, and how versatile the genre can be. From hip hop to techno, trance to trap: dnb by it’s very nature stands as a perfect environment to channel anything and everything into the 170bpm dance floor culture. Let Soulvent be your guide into the far reaches of drum & bass.

Pola & Bryson – Alkaline
Dilemma – With You
Mountain – Deep Blue
Askel – Hireling
LQ – Show Me
Breakage – Rudeboy Stuff
In:Most – Thekla
Rockwell – User
Data 3 – Fractil
Monika – As you walk
BCee – Surfacing feat. Lucy Kitchen
Bop – Untitled Pattern 63
KiNK – Peter Plet Plete
Digital & Spirit – Revolution
Tellus – Archelon
Synkro – Midnight Sun (Helios Remix)
Garden City Movement – Foreign Affair

a word with dilemma

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Hailing from Brighton, Dilemma AKA Piper Hewitt-Dudding has been creeping further into the collective consciousness of D&B for a couple of years. One of a few female producers who are steadily righting the wrong of male-dominance in the scene, her music spans the genre with an effortless that is sure to continue putting her onto the radars of all the right people.

A release on Drum and Bass Arena, a follow-up on Skankandbass and now a single right here on Soulvent. Chemical Love and With You make-up her forthcoming single, a spacious two-tracker that fits right in with the easily recognisable Soulvent sound as well as our penchant for breaking new producers. Since she’s still very much an unknown quantity, we wanted to give you guys the chance to find out a bit more about the Brightonian with the blue hair.

How did you get into producing?

There is one track called Melodica by Stimming, a really minimal sort of house tune, really cool. I remember listening to it when I was 16-17 and being like ‘I want to produce that, I want to make that music’. There was just nothing to it but at the same time loads to it and it just really inspired me, so yeah, it took me a few years to actually start producing but it was that tune which got me into it.

I’d already been into music and had known most of my life that I wanted to make music, but I didn’t really know what kind. I loved Radiohead, 9 Inch Nails and all these bands, but I didn’t want to make that sort of music or be in a band, so after I discovered Melodica I was like ‘he made that all by himself’. Then I discovered D&B and it all went downhill from there.

What are some other of the early influences that inspired you?

I don’t know how much I’m willing to admit this, but I was really into deadmau5 and his early stuff, he was really good, then I was into Hospital and heard Second Sun by Calibre for the first time on their podcast. I got into Calibre and from there further into the deeper, minimal stuff.

What is it about D&B that draws you into producing it?

It’s just so eclectic, D&B is so wide, I almost see it as a template. Because all it needs to be is that type of drum beat, that sort of tempo and bass heavy, so you can just throw anything at it and you end up making all these crazy sounds and crazy styles and stuff. So that’s what draws me to it because I love so many different types of music, in fact I try not to listen to D&B on a daily basis and listen to as wide a range of music as I can. I can take every single one of those genres and throw it at D&B, so that’s why I like it more compared to any other type of genre, you can just do absolutely loads with it.

That’s really interesting. No one has ever said that before and it’s true, within the framework of the rhythm and beat signature you can go nuts with loads of combinations.

So like, for Aim Low on DnBA last year, I sampled a grunge band. Snazzball was like a jazz sample, but I’ve got a few releases coming up and in one of them I sampled Rockabilly, and that’s what I love about D&B – you can get inspired by so many different things. Yeah, you’re limited in some aspects but definitely not in others.

How would you describe your sound?

That’s a tough question. I know I’m definitely inspired by early 2000s liquid, that rough, lo-fi sound – I absolutely love that. I’ll send a tune out to my friends and they’ll tell me to tighten up the drums, but I like how crap they are! Back then the production quality wasn’t quite as high as it is now, but I love that old school sound, the roughness of it, so there’s definitely that aspect of what I’m doing.
But yeah, how I put random genres into a D&B context is something that people seem to like about me, obviously everyone does that but as I said, I do it with genres that really are the polar opposite of D&B. I think melodically I can be quite out there, in that sense.
I’m not really limiting myself at the moment. Obviously, I end up making liquid quite a lot of the time, but I don’t see myself as having, and I know a lot of producers think this about themselves, but I feel like I’ve got quite a wide range of approaches to it, I never know where it’s going to end up when you sample something that most people don’t sample. Musically I end up with some interesting things, not necessarily always good.

Do you think your upcoming single is representative of your sound?

No, I wouldn’t say it’s representative of the range of my sound, they’re both quite liquidy and I have been known to make other things. But I think it represents me musically and my musical tastes in terms of the melodies and stuff, so in one sense no, another sense yes.
Does that make sense?

Sort of…tell me about your upcoming Soulvent single. What was it like to make?

Chemical Love is the one that’s inspired by the Rockabilly tune, I sampled my friend’s really crappy recording on soundcloud and you can hear it in the track, it’s not the hook but there’s sounds in there from that Rockabilly tune, so that’s how that one started off.

With You, I think that one came from playing around with Massive, it’s the first time I’ve made a nice sounding, wobbly bassline, so I built it around that. It’s also the first track I’ve released which has me singing in it, the vocal in that is me and it’s more of a sample than a full-blown verse, so that’s going to be interesting.

Where they fun to make?

Yeah, really fun, I think Chemical love especially was really cool just because I was like ‘this has come from Rockabilly…how can I turn this into a D&B tune’. So, trying to overcome that challenge was really cool because it’s just not something you’d ordinarily find in a D&B tune.

Do you have a favourite?

Yeah, I think for a similar reason it’d be Chemical Love. I love the other one as well, I wouldn’t be releasing it if I didn’t and I do think it’s a fun tune, but Chemical Love is close to my heart.

Talk to me about some of your favourite releases from the past.

Ooh. I really like Binary from the Skankandbass release, everyone else loves Circumspect because it’s the heavy one plus it got onto Radio 1 so in theory that should be my favourite, but I do love Binary. Aim Low as well, I think bar Circumspect that’s the angriest tune I’ve ever made, it always puts me in a good mood, it’s very cathartic.

Tell me about some of your favourite Soulvent releases, not from yourself.

The Pola & Bryson album, that was the first time I really discovered Soulvent and that was really good. Small Talk by GLXY is one of my favourites and I like Monika’s stuff a lot. I also like Low:r, Room 2 is wicked. So those are my favourites I’d say.

What are some of your favourite D&B releases of all time?

Still Ain’t Changed by Random Movement, I remember when I found that I was just absolutely jamming out, I had the promo clip on Soundcloud on repeat for like 4 days. This year, the Charli Brix tune on the Klax EP is one of my favourites and then Second Sun by Calibre just because it was the first tune by him I heard. Lurch is also killing it at the moment: Body Language, Weather Change, Rude Boys, Guilt Trip. He has so much musicality to his productions because he plays piano and stuff, he’s definitely one of my favourite producers.

So, what does a dream 2019 look like for you?

I’d like to release from Spearhead, I think that’d be amazing, and it’s unlikely but play Sun and Bass. I don’t plan on being tied down to one particular label, so there’s a few that I woudld’t mind releasing on, Integral would be another one.

I’d also just like to collaborate with more people. I’m definitely collaborating with Random Movement on a release, and he’s one of my favourite producers of all time, so it’s crazy to be working with him. Klax and Bcee both expressed an interest in collaborating but those haven’t happened yet, so just finishing collaborations would be another goal for 2019.
But yeah, Spearheand and Sun and Bass. Those would make my 2019.

Dilemma’s debut single Chemical Love is available to pre-order now (click the buy button below) and drops on Soulvent Records on the 5th of October in all good online stores.

Words by Ben Hunter.

sv047 – dilemma – chemical love

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Introducing the insanely talented, Brighton based producer Piper Hewitt-Dudding, aka Dilemma. Following releases on Hospital, Drum&BassArena and Flight Pattern among others – we’re incredibly excited to deliver her debut single on the imprint: ‘Chemical Love’. Having just smashed the proverbial Snazzball out of the park on the Summer Soul EP in July – Dilemma’s back to cause problems on Soulvent.

Chemical Love bursts into gear with feel good reverse pads and perfectly filtered drums, topped with cooler tones of piano, drawn out bells and warm plucks of dulcimer. The track keeps rolling to a new level with each phrase which may cause you to get a serious surge of dopamine.

With You is all old-school feels, with a solid backbeat and carefully metered structure. Chunky drums make way for a haunting drone, and satisfying chimes. Longing piano chords are introduced, and all the track’s elements combine in a sultry jazz-infused number, perfect to warm your encroaching Winter.

Piper breathes fresh female talent into the Soulvent roster, and her debut is certainly one that’s not worth missing – arriving in all good stores on the 5th of October.

soul sessions tee

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After the success of our Soul Sessions compilation series, we’ve chucked the logo on the back of a white t, with a the Soulvent banner logo printed on the front left breast.