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Long-time friend and collaborator Daniel van Mourik, better known as Arch Origin, has slowly but surely defined himself as a truly up and coming producer within the scene. With both his production and DJ-ing constantly evolving, his recent releases on the likes Hospital and Liquid Tones are evidence of this – albeit to the detriment of his University work sometimes!

At the age of 12 he started experimenting with sequencers and drum machines. A while after starting out making hardcore techno, he discovered the well-known live-D&B powerhouse Pendulum, which inspired him to delve into the sounds of dnb. He started learning production in 2010 and released his first track two years later, but his meticulousness resulted in few releases over the next few years.

In 2015 he made his debut on Soulvent with ‘Mesmerize/City By Night’ (SV010) which was well received by artists like London Elektricity, Fred V & Grafix, and other tastemakers within the genre. His vibrant and diverse style ranges from energetic syncopated beats to minimalistic glitchy grooves, all stemming from a love for everything 170+bpm.

2017 saw the release of his 6-track EP entitled ‘Value Shift’ (SV027), which had subtle socio-political tones, as well as undeniably strong composition, receiving high acclaim from peers & producers, as well as a special place in our heart as a label.

Live meanwhile, you can expect a plethora of D+B within his DJ sets, where he brings to the table all sorts of music that has inspired his production. Becoming now a firm feature at events like Spektrum & Liquicity, to even a playing set at our Soul Van stage at the inaugural Hospitality In The Park Festival last year, this young Dutchman is certainly one to pay attention to, be it in your headphones or on the decks!


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Ben Williams aka BMotion is a 23 year old producer from Pontypool, a small town in Wales. Having been introduced to music from an early age, Ben began his musical life playing drums. From here he was introduced to jazz via his pianist father, a and began playing various live shows in-and-around South Wales. At age 11, he also started took up guitar lessons, again studying soul, funk and anything else he could get his hands on.

Practically destined for production with his musical background, he was inevitably drawn in by the energy and playfulness of drum and bass. A few years were spent honing his skills and sounds, before his debut release with the Cybergenic single on Rush Records in 2013.

These first tracks brought Ben to our attention, and the first ever release on Soulvent was his Circles single (SV001), the first release on our young label. Immediately garnering support from UKF, Rinse FM and BBC 1Xtra alike, his fresh take on the genre enthused us. Shortly afterwards, 2nd single All My Love received a similarly warm reception from an impressive list of producers & DJs. From there, Ben went on to sign exclusively with Viper Recordings in 2014 to pursue a heavier sound, where he continues to push out his signature high-octane brand of dnb.



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Oscar Oomens aka Champion, grew up with music. At the age of 17 he started producing and was heavily inspired by names such as Pendulum and Grooverider. Due to the many styles he has listened to over the years made him a multi-musician in every way. Known for his signature sounds and strong melodies, Oscar has been releasing on different labels such as Viper, Audioporn, Liquicity, Radar, Nemesis and Enhanced.

At the age of 21, he started the Drum & Bass group ‘Submatik’ which he played shows with all over Europe in 2012-2013. When he started his solo alias “Champion” he instantly won several remix competitions hosted by The Prototypes, Popeska and Ryos which gave his solo career the boost he well deserved.
His first single ‘Save Me’ with vocal super talent Charlotte Haining late 2013 got picked up by multiple radio stations across the world such as BBC Radio 1Xtra and Studio Brussel. His most recent single “Keep On Running” reached #14 on the Beatport Drum & Bass chart.

Oscar is part of a new wave of young and fearless producers who are not afraid of bringing new aspects to Drum & Bass and thus introduce the music to a younger, bigger and more educated crowd.
With this fresh look on different styles, Oscar has released music on exceptional labels who are all looking for that one unique piece of music. He has already worked with Maduk, Murdock, Cartoon and many more to follow.


Changing Faces

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Hailing from Slovakia, Ema Vaskova – better known as Changing Faces, is truly an up & coming talent in drum and bass. This 20-year-old producer has already caught the attention of more than a few heads in the scene, including RAM Records, UKF’s record label Pilot, Fokuz Recordings, and the Let It Roll Festival crew.

After being bitten by the breakbeat bug in the form of a High Contrast DJ set on YouTube at Pohoda Festival back in 2011, Ema delved into her chosen DAW. After overcoming a slightly intimidating user interface, she landed her first release back in 2013 with Subformat and Charli Brix. The young Slovakian has since seen a string of strong releases on labels like Celsius, Fokuz and Pilot. Expect timeless melodies, polished drums and warm bass foundations in her tracks, garnering recent radio support on her debut Soulvent single Talk To You from the likes of Friction & Metrik.

Inspired and supported by some fairly heavyweight producers & DJs alike, Changing Faces is delivering some of the finest quality Drum and Bass around – both in her productions as well as her DJ sets. With an impressive string of tour dates lined up, make sure you catch this young talent on the decks somewhere this Summer!

Data 3

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Data 3 are a trio of Drum and Bass producers comprised of Harry Bryson (Pola & Bryson), Dan Hartley (MIDA) and Alex Kostyakov (Syrum). The trio, all from the same sleepy West Yorkshire town, initially met through their shared love of the genre. Despite all leading busy lives, and not being locally based to one area these days, the boys still manage to lay down an exciting mix of their influences in their music, culminating in a sound entirely their own. And watching them grace the decks is truly something special to watch!

First releasing on Soulvent back in early 2015 with Solar Space (SV008), their productions float between liquid with a twist, and dark heavy rollers, which is their only rule: it has to be rolling. This ability to mix between sounds with poise, has led to releases on the likes of Soul Trader, Addictive Behaviour and Skank and Bass amongst others, and means their sets dip in and out of liquid breakdowns and into bass heavy, twisted and dark, straight up DnB.

Things really started to pick up for the group last year, receiving radio support from the likes of Friction and Noisia, to name just a few. The trio are now focusing on releasing their debut EP in early 2017.

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Andreas Ort is a producer and DJ originally from Cambridge, now based in the Netherlands. After having voice & piano lessons from a young age, and initially disliking music theory, the 21-year old is ironically now studying a course in digital music production at The Consveratory in Haarlem!
Initially releasing his debut track as Dualistic on the VA ‘Access’ compilation on Limitless Recordings back in 2013, he then went onto release a number of tracks on Liquicity. His first release on our imprint saw him team up with Ayve & Zazu for Brave and Beauty (SV015). Having played at a number of high-profile events, Andreas is just as comfortable laying down a solid set of melodic rollers as he is pouring his heart into a DAW. With a debut EP in the works, you can be sure that there’s a lot more to come from this talented young Dutchman!

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Glaive, AKA Alex Whyles is a a young producer from the West Midlands. His first single was All Is Not Lost featuring Kate McQuaide.